Monday, July 5, 2010

Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!

Ok, I'll admit it, although I follow quite a lot of sites in my Google Reader (and never seem to have to the time to read everything) only about 20% of them are blogs from fellow educators.  Shameful, I know.  Well, once again, ISTE 2010 has opened my eyes - this time to the plethora of information and amazing insights that I have been missing by following micro-blogs (Twitter) but only giving cursory glances at full blogs.  Time to change (that's what its all about, right?).  I've decided to create a new folder in my Reader for some great bloggers I've had the honor to meet plus others that have surfaced through the #ISTE10 backchannel this past week that have caught my eye.  Since this is where I am going to keep track of my thoughts from here on out, I thought this would be a great place to list some of my older and new-found favs.  Here we go:

Also worth mentioning are the Diigo ISTE 2010 Group, the ISTE Video Archive & ISTE Hot Links.

NEW: Simplek12 list of blogs

I know there are SO MANY I've missed.......if you know of outstanding blogs out there that are "must-reads" that need to on my list, please leave me a comment below!  I know this will be an ever-changing journey of awesome insights that I'll never be able to keep up with but even a little goes a long way when it comes to sharing ideas.  Nuff' said.

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  1. Micheal, thanks so much for your list of favorites. I have several of them marked as my favorites too, but I will be sure to check out the new ones. I am new to all this blogging and twitter stuff myself. It is really amazing what you can learn from other people. There is so much out there I think my brain might just explode! :) Thanks again!